Saturday, July 11, 2009

Check these out!

These pictures were taken at a house cleansing on July 3, 2009 in Salina, Ks. The pictures that were taken outside the home were taken while it was raining, as there was a thunderstorm just North of the house. I was actually trying to capture the lightning on film, no real luck with that. But something else showed up that I am at a loss to explain. As I said, it was raining and had been raining for an hour or so when I started shooting outside.

I can only tell you what these bright ascending lights are not. First, they are not dust. These could not have possibly been dust as it was raining heavily. Second, they are not fireworks. We were performing a house cleansing, not celebrating the Fourth of July and did I mention it was raining heavily?

The picture that was taken inside the house was taken in the basement. If you look on the extreme left side of the picture just above the chair is what looks like a ribbon, maybe from a hanging balloon. Nope. No balloons. Look at how the light fades in and out of our realm as it twists. Also, if you look closely you will see the orb that was responsible for this anomaly. Thats all for now.

God bless you all
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