Thursday, November 3, 2011

Spiritually Bankrupt?

Why doesn't the church teach more on spiritual warfare? Why when you bring it up do some preachers run the other way? Is your church preaching the complete gospel of Jesus or does it refrain from uncomfortable subjects like how to cast out demons? I am very frustrated at the church today. They act like the only teachings to be preached on are those of Gods love for us. What about Gods wrath for Israel, when they forgot about him? This people in this country has forgotten about God. Our children are brain washed by purely secular schools. Science is actively used to refute creationism. Science is routinely used to give ridicules explanations for obviously supernatural signs and wonders. This country has a morally bankrupt culture! You can tie all these things into spiritual warfare, or the lack there of!
And what of the "man of God". He says nothing on the politics of our great nation. Our Govt is wholly influenced and run by the enemy, yet the church does not want to endanger its 501c status. I am tired of the touchy feely church. I want a church that does nothing to suppress the truth (the whole truth). In fact, I want a church that believes every word Jesus spoke and puts his commands into practice! ALL OF THEM!!! Where is such a church? If you can tell me, I will attend there.

Friday, October 28, 2011

What are you scared of?

  We as Christians have all passed on the opportunity to help someone else. We tell ourselves things like "someone else will do it", "I don't have the time to help", "if I give that guy money he will buy beer with it".
My personal favorite and probably the most used phrase among Christians has got to be "I will pray for you". I am not saying prayer is not effective, quite the opposite. But prayer should be used in combination with good works. The man on the street does not need your prayer so you feel better about his situation, he needs shelter, he needs basic human understanding. Most of us are a paycheck away from being in his situation anyway.
Imagine yourself out there homeless. What is it you would need first? What would be your first move to get yourself and maybe your family off the streets? Would it be prayer? I will tell you this - prayer without action will result in your death. I have a saying I frequently use: God feeds the birds, but he doesn't put the food in the nest. They have to go get it.
Sometimes God tells us to be still while he works. Obviously hearing the voice of God is an attention-grabber, and what you are told to do should be done. But to pray and then lay down and die is against God.

Friday, October 21, 2011

From Gods mouth to your ears

A few weeks ago, God inspired me to write a song. The song is from God to us. I would like to know what you think. I am still trying to put it to music.

I sent the word
you refuse to read
you rather smoke weed
you cant plant a seed

I said spare the rod
spoil the child
and still you run around
like girls gone wild

I have shown you that
you are saved
but you cast your
lot among the depraved

hanging with friends
who don't serve me
after i sent my Son
so you would see
walkin that fence
tryin to avoid disaster
but i told you before
you cant serve two masters

when will you turn
from your fleshly ways
cause tomorrow can wait
but not today

all your life its
sin you ate and
judgment day is
one day too late

in the enemy's rubble
is where you live
I can dig you out
and I can forgive

you turn a blind eye
to the broken and meek
and you come to me
one day a week

what about the other
six that I made?
for you reap what you sow
you've already been paid

you don't like to hear
when you're wrong
so I had to write it
in a song

you're supposed to live
your life by my commands
and when you pray
it's all demands

come to me
with all your heart
I've been reaching out
you gotta do your part

you're walking around
like you have the light
but I know your heart
and it's dark as night

so come to me
repent, and pray
'cause there is no time
not like today

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Demonic possession VS house possession

The common denominator in demonic possession of a person can be found in the end result of the victim: death! The sole purpose of a demon when they possess a human being is to destroy that which God loves, first and foremost. The second biggest reason is to cause torment, fear and confusion. Not only to the victim, but to the victims' loved ones. Imagine watching someone you love going in and out of reality, for weeks, months or years on end. Another reason for demonic possession of a human is to sabotage Gods plan for the victims life. Can a Christian become possessed by a demon? Yes!

It is not a matter of faith or the lack of it which allows a demon to enter a human, but rather openings in our defenses. We are sinners, born into sin. Because of that fact, we sin every day. For us as mortal beings to suggest that a Christian cannot be possessed by an evil spirit is akin to elevating ourselves, upon receiving our salvation, to the level of Jesus Christ. If we are born into sin, we can never attain Christs' level. So, therefore, anyone can be possessed by a demon!

The stronger you are in your walk with Jesus the less likely you are to be possessed. But at the same time, if your walk is strong with Jesus, you will be watched intently for openings to possession. Demons will use things like pornography, drugs, alcohol, pride and greed (to name a few). They use whatever they either already know about you from your past or what they are learning about you right now. They send a fleeting immoral thought about the person you saw today at the store. Innocent enough, but the seed has been planted if you do not recognize the sinful nature of that thought and repent of it.

Once the seed is planted it is like a cancer that grows unchecked. A person can end up completely taken over before they realize what has happened. If they don't get help they can end up doing the devils work. These can include things like molestation, rape, incest, murder, mass murder, serial killing, spree shootings, fratricide, ethnic cleansing. Lawlessness accomplishes two things for a demon in possession of a human -- in the body he has taken over he can spread demoralizing fear and the eventual capture or death of the victim.

With a house, things are a little different. Although the end result can be the eventual possession of a human living in the house, the operations that a demon takes part in while possessing a home are the same as possessing a human (i.e. torment, fear and confusion). When they enter a house they can be there a very long time and go completely undetected. Other times its like a circus set up camp in your living room! Each demon is different in how it operates and some will adapt to find the fears or weaknesses of the people living in the house they have entered.

Once again it is a game of cat and mouse. The demons aren't in a house to rattle chains and produce ghostly apparitions. They are there to find a way into your life, to influence you in small ways at first, to find a crack in your armor. Then they will try to rip the armor off of you and leave you exposed. Demons have no right to a Christians home except that which we as sinners give to them. Whether we know it or not, we invite them into our lives at some level every day.

But now armed with that knowledge, will you do nothing and be slowly taken over?
Or will you stand up to that which cannot harm you, knowing that God is your armor?
Turn to Jesus every day and he will protect you from them. If you do not know Jesus yet,
please come to know him right now! If you live another twenty years on this earth, I believe that sometime with in those next twenty years we will witness every knee bowed! Praise His name.