Friday, October 21, 2011

From Gods mouth to your ears

A few weeks ago, God inspired me to write a song. The song is from God to us. I would like to know what you think. I am still trying to put it to music.

I sent the word
you refuse to read
you rather smoke weed
you cant plant a seed

I said spare the rod
spoil the child
and still you run around
like girls gone wild

I have shown you that
you are saved
but you cast your
lot among the depraved

hanging with friends
who don't serve me
after i sent my Son
so you would see
walkin that fence
tryin to avoid disaster
but i told you before
you cant serve two masters

when will you turn
from your fleshly ways
cause tomorrow can wait
but not today

all your life its
sin you ate and
judgment day is
one day too late

in the enemy's rubble
is where you live
I can dig you out
and I can forgive

you turn a blind eye
to the broken and meek
and you come to me
one day a week

what about the other
six that I made?
for you reap what you sow
you've already been paid

you don't like to hear
when you're wrong
so I had to write it
in a song

you're supposed to live
your life by my commands
and when you pray
it's all demands

come to me
with all your heart
I've been reaching out
you gotta do your part

you're walking around
like you have the light
but I know your heart
and it's dark as night

so come to me
repent, and pray
'cause there is no time
not like today

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