Friday, October 31, 2008

Good spirits?

I thought I would ask you readers a question. Are there good spirits? The bible says when Jesus was walking on the water, the disciples thought him a ghost. And to quote my mother "Jesus didn't say there is no such thing as ghosts". If there are "Good spirits", what is the line between good spirits and bad? Have you ever seen a spirit, orb, or other things which cannot be explained? Please share any stories you may have! After all it is Halloween. God bless you and keep you.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Ghost in the photo.

About three years ago my ex-wife left me for the pursuit of drugs. This was devastating for me. And it made me look at myself and what was going on around me, instead of walking around with my head down in life trying not to make waves. At that time I got a male room mate to help make ends meet as my mortgage was way to high. The house was large and about four years old at the time. Well, myself and my room mate began to start hearing things in the house. Such as, a child crying, growling, laughing, and a cat like sound that I really cant explain. We started to tell our friends about this and they started to come over more often. As time went by, the manifestations of this thing would get stronger. It would touch people, usually some where in their hair line. And it even lifted the couch that I was sitting on, about 2-3 inches off the floor and then dropped it. For me the end came when it manifested it self as a full body apparition one night. It was just standing there in my living room. It was about ten feet from me. It was my height, my build, and it looked as if it had a hood covering its head. I did not see its face. This entity was solid black. I have yet to see a darker shade of black. I could not see through it at all. My first thought was that someone was standing in my living room, like a burglar. That soon left me, as my aggression turned to absolute terror at the realization of what I was seeing! The point here is that what I was looking at was hooded. Just like these photos. The only difference here is this thing is not black.

edited photo ghost

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More Photos

The photograph above seems to show a manifestation of an entity.
The entire left side of the photo is the body of it, the arm coming off
the body can be found by looking at the window and tracing its path down towards the bed and book case. The entity is to close to the camera to make out the head. Or it is just HUGE!

How many Spirit Orbs do you see?

I counted thirty five give or take spirit orbs. Click on it to blow it up!
I counted eight in this photo below.

The middle of the head board in the picture below. There is a moving orb. If this is dust, than I am George Bush!

Here are more photographs. Some of these were taken last Friday night on Oct 24, 2008. Some we took last night Oct 28, 2008. Last nights photographs were taken at a house where we will be conducting a cleansing. Most of last nights photos have something interesting in them. One photo has at least twenty spirit orbs in it! I will point that one out to you. It has also come to our attention that one of the photos already posted from the house exorcism on Oct 24, has a humanoid shaped spirit! I will be pointing this picture out to you as well. I know people are looking at this blog, but I cant make it better if you don't comment. It only takes a few seconds! Bless you all!

The strange moving glow is back. I think it should be mentioned that this glowing was not seen with the naked eye.
This one is enhanced, but its the same photo as above.

edited photo ghost

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Exorcism of a house

Hello to all!

I would first like to say this: Any comments are welcome. Personal experiences are welcome. Any requests for service are welcome, although a request for service should be done privately.
Everything we do in respect to exorcism is Christian. By invoking the name of Jesus Christ, we, in a sense, are a tool used by God to reclaim houses and people for God. We do this as a free service. It can be exhausting and spiritually very dangerous to all involved, but the need is growing as word travels from word of mouth. We are a small team who's numbers vary according to availability. Everyone of us has a spiritual gifting (or two or three). These gifts range from "Christian sensitive" to "burden bearing". These are not the only gifts, but it gives you an idea.

How the process works:
Mrs. Smith has a problem. She and her family have started to hear noises at night. "Sounds like a gorilla is pounding on the walls," she says. "I find it hard to sleep at night. My eight-year-old daughter has frequent nightmares that involve 'something big and ugly sitting on the bed and staring' at her. My youngest is fourteen months old. Sometimes he will stop in the middle of playing and raise his arms, as if asking to be picked up by something that is not visible to us."

We get a call and we set up an interview and walk through of the house. At this point we are sensing spirit or demon activity. If we find or sense something we schedule the exorcism for a later date.

At the house exorcism itself, we start with praise and worship. Then we pray for protection and discernment. We start by blessing each room and reclaiming each room for Jesus Christ. The demon (if in that room) will flee that room for another. It cannot reenter the room it has fled because it now belongs to Jesus. We do this in every room until we get it "trapped". At this point there is nowhere for it to go but out of the house.

We did this process on Oct, 24 2008. This time we brought a camera. These pictures are not altered in anyway and I invite you to see what we believe to be an "unclean spirit".

This was the first picture taken when we knew we had it trapped:
The lights were off and all the pictures were taken with a Sony Cyber-shot 8.1 mega pixel digital camera. I also used the flash.
A couple of us discussed the first photo and decided to shoot another. The picture above was taken about forty-five seconds after the first.

The picture above was taken when the presence was no longer felt.

It turned out, the entity had just evaded detection. We felt its presence again and I took this picture as prayer resumed.


One more push to manifest itself before it left for good. At this point it is not happy!

All clear! Praise God! But will take one more to make sure we are not being deceived.

All clear! Praise be to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen!

What we are about

As Christians, we are obligated to operate actively in our gifts, according to Gods will. And for reasons unknown to me, most Christians don't allow themselves to do so. This blog is about a few Christian people who pursue and operate in the spiritual gifts. My aim is to put controversial Christian subjects out on the table and let you comment and debate. We are a small group and we perform house exorcisms as well as inner healings, which can turn into people exorcisms. I will also be posting interesting pictures taken during these events.