Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More Photos

The photograph above seems to show a manifestation of an entity.
The entire left side of the photo is the body of it, the arm coming off
the body can be found by looking at the window and tracing its path down towards the bed and book case. The entity is to close to the camera to make out the head. Or it is just HUGE!

How many Spirit Orbs do you see?

I counted thirty five give or take spirit orbs. Click on it to blow it up!
I counted eight in this photo below.

The middle of the head board in the picture below. There is a moving orb. If this is dust, than I am George Bush!

Here are more photographs. Some of these were taken last Friday night on Oct 24, 2008. Some we took last night Oct 28, 2008. Last nights photographs were taken at a house where we will be conducting a cleansing. Most of last nights photos have something interesting in them. One photo has at least twenty spirit orbs in it! I will point that one out to you. It has also come to our attention that one of the photos already posted from the house exorcism on Oct 24, has a humanoid shaped spirit! I will be pointing this picture out to you as well. I know people are looking at this blog, but I cant make it better if you don't comment. It only takes a few seconds! Bless you all!

The strange moving glow is back. I think it should be mentioned that this glowing was not seen with the naked eye.
This one is enhanced, but its the same photo as above.

edited photo ghost

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