Thursday, November 3, 2011

Spiritually Bankrupt?

Why doesn't the church teach more on spiritual warfare? Why when you bring it up do some preachers run the other way? Is your church preaching the complete gospel of Jesus or does it refrain from uncomfortable subjects like how to cast out demons? I am very frustrated at the church today. They act like the only teachings to be preached on are those of Gods love for us. What about Gods wrath for Israel, when they forgot about him? This people in this country has forgotten about God. Our children are brain washed by purely secular schools. Science is actively used to refute creationism. Science is routinely used to give ridicules explanations for obviously supernatural signs and wonders. This country has a morally bankrupt culture! You can tie all these things into spiritual warfare, or the lack there of!
And what of the "man of God". He says nothing on the politics of our great nation. Our Govt is wholly influenced and run by the enemy, yet the church does not want to endanger its 501c status. I am tired of the touchy feely church. I want a church that does nothing to suppress the truth (the whole truth). In fact, I want a church that believes every word Jesus spoke and puts his commands into practice! ALL OF THEM!!! Where is such a church? If you can tell me, I will attend there.
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