Friday, October 28, 2011

What are you scared of?

  We as Christians have all passed on the opportunity to help someone else. We tell ourselves things like "someone else will do it", "I don't have the time to help", "if I give that guy money he will buy beer with it".
My personal favorite and probably the most used phrase among Christians has got to be "I will pray for you". I am not saying prayer is not effective, quite the opposite. But prayer should be used in combination with good works. The man on the street does not need your prayer so you feel better about his situation, he needs shelter, he needs basic human understanding. Most of us are a paycheck away from being in his situation anyway.
Imagine yourself out there homeless. What is it you would need first? What would be your first move to get yourself and maybe your family off the streets? Would it be prayer? I will tell you this - prayer without action will result in your death. I have a saying I frequently use: God feeds the birds, but he doesn't put the food in the nest. They have to go get it.
Sometimes God tells us to be still while he works. Obviously hearing the voice of God is an attention-grabber, and what you are told to do should be done. But to pray and then lay down and die is against God.
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