Friday, January 30, 2009

Whom then shall I fear?

On Thursday morning, the 29th of January 2009, I was attacked in my sleep for the first time. I remember it very vividly. But I think the attack was on my spirit more than on my flesh or soul.

I was dreaming in a dream and awoke to being choked. I could breathe, but barely. I was being choked hard enough that I could not speak. I was trying to turn on my side but could not move much or enough to make any real difference in the amount of pressure being applied to my throat. I could not see what was attacking me, but knew nonetheless what it was. Through all this I never felt any weight on my chest, and at one point I was trying to move my arms but could only manage to move my forearms and hands. Struggling against this force was useless as I was way outmatched and taken by surprise.

Then I awoke out of the second dream. I was profusely sweating and gasping for air. I have not been praying for protection against such attacks. And I paid for it. I will not soon forget the lesson I have learned. I must say that now is not the time to slack off in our spiritual warfare. Evil forces are loosed on the Earth and the outpouring has gone from a trickle to a violent torrent. You would think that any demon worth its salt would not want you to know its around, as it could do more long-term damage that way. But as I said before, they have varying levels of intelligence. The one which attacked me was just a little overzealous. Stupid demon!

Praise be to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit! For they are the only ones I FEAR!!

God bless you all

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A brief comment about time

God has no need for time. We as Human beings are the entities who feel a loss without a watch to tell us the time or a calendar to tell us the date. 2 Peter 3:8 says "With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day." I think this was written to give our pitiful minds a concept to grasp, because without numbers to contemplate we cannot catch a glimpse at the reality of time or the lack thereof.

When we pray to our one and only true living God, the prayer enters the realm of spirits as it is spoken. It does not matter when we pray -- whether past, present or future. The prayer is redirected by God and used in accordance with the will of God.

For instance: You find out that a relative has had a dangerous surgery, but you found out too late to pray prior to and during the surgery. It does not matter when you pray for that relatives surgery. You only missed the boat on the Human time scale. If you go ahead and pray about an event that has already happened, God will direct that prayer through Human time to where it will be used for His glory.

With God, all things are possible! He means that. Pray for your own discernment on this subject of time. It is mind blowing!

Monday, January 26, 2009


By Gven55

I have been working with a woman for a few weeks now, that has many demons within her. She has been living in this condition for years and when she came to see us, she could not make eye contact and was done with life.

Well, Friday I met with her privately to talk about anything she wanted to talk about. This is my way of keeping in contact with her and finding out what to do next.

When she sat down by me, I got a since that something was about to happen. She talked for sometime while I listened naturally and spiritually. Finally, she said, "I need to say something".

She leaned forward and started to stutter. I began to pray quietly for release. She got a few words out. "God, I want..." She became I encouraged her to continue to try and speak out. Finally, after quite some time she stammered out.."God, I want your will to be done in me."

She began to shake and her hands pulled up, contorted, to her chest. I got up and pulled a chair up to face her. Her eyes where dark and flashing back and forth. She spoke.."Maybe I should leave. You are alone." I told her, not to worry. I have done this a many a time by myself. God is my cover.

I then noticed that her hands were bright red. I told her that the only time I have ever seen this was with IV drug users. She admitted that she had, in the past been a IV drug user. I asked God what he was trying to tell me.

He showed me that a spirit of bondage had gotten a hold of her while she was injecting drugs. I began to pray against this spirit. She stated that she was going to leave. I commanded her to sit. She then stated she was going to yell at me. I commanded the spirit to be quiet. While all this is being said, I continued to pray that she be set free.

She coughed, she yawned, she was on the floor, she was on the couch. She was on her knees, she was on her face. She would call to God and then she would stop talking all together. She crawled across my living room with me right behind her.

Finally, I got my oil. When I touched her with the oil, she screamed in pain. but, as I commanded the spirit to leave, she fell to the floor. Released, freedom.

But, I could tell, as she could tell, we were not done. She was, however, free from bondage. We prayed together and thank God for his anointed timing.

Last night, two days later, she showed up on my door step. Her husband in tow, she stated something was wrong. She was suicidal and wanting to hurt not only herself but, her husband.

My husband and myself started to pray for her. I was just thinking she needed some peace prayed over her but, that was not the case. Again, she began to manifest and again she was delivered. I have no idea what it was that left her this time. But, it did leave. When it left, she fell on her face and praised the Lord.

I have never met someone so determined. She is stubborn, in a good way. Willing to go through horrible manifestations to be free.

God has met her every time and honored her stubbornness. She will have a lot to offer the kingdom when she is completely free. This deliverance, is happening by layers. This is according to God's plan and timing. And we know that His timing is perfect.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Drops of rain

As a drop of rain falls from the clouds over the ocean, it is an individual, a solo recital until it lands in the sea below and is absorbed into the anonymity of the vast ocean. The drop of rain then becomes part of the greater purpose of consolidation while it waits to be recycled to become rain once more.

The drop of rain is your God given spirit. The beginning of the fall from the clouds is your birth, as the drop falls through the air it is your life as you journey through the years. When the drop hits the sea it represents your death. But your spirit returns to where it was created, it is back to where it started, back where it wants to be and always was.

My belief is that you have three entities which make up the person you are:
1. The spirit
2. The soul or consciousness
3. The flesh

The soul and the flesh are so interdependent on each other it can be hard to distinguish between the two. The spirit is here to learn lessons and teach as well as observe.

As we go through life collecting sin in our bodies, we put a barrier between our spirit and our soul. What this does is muffle or make communication impossible between the spirit and the soul. The Bible says "Before you were, I knew you". This is a reference to your spirit being with God before it was given to you. Why then do you not have memories of Heaven? Because it was not your soul that was in Heaven already in existence. It was your spirit. Being born into sin has put us at a disadvantage as far as hearing our spirits cries as clear as we hear our own minds voice.

The closer your walk with Jesus, the less resistance there is for the spirit within you to teach you. That said, the spirit does not pay the consequence of sin. The spirit that is in you at this very moment belongs to God and therefore goes back (upon your death) to where it was created eons ago.

Upon your death the flesh rots away, returning to its carbon roots. But the soul? The soul is what goes to hell -- hell being the separation from God and the torment of having no hope for deliverance. God gave us free will which is a gift by which we are either cursed or blessed depending on our decisions in life. God does not bring calamity to us. We, through sin and poor decision-making, bring calamity upon ourselves and open the door for demons to infiltrate our lives as well as have the right to be in possession of our bodies and minds.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rambling prophesy?

So. When was the last time you read Revelation? I only ask because it seems that we are currently speeding toward a meeting with God. I personally am totally ready to meet my Maker. The real question here is: are you?

Before you answer the question above, here are some tidbits of information, as well as a few possible scenarios you should consider.

1. The Mark of the Beast. If you are a Christian you should already be well aware of what this is, at least in theory. I believe the "Mark of the Beast" is the same informational microchip being injected into cats and dogs right now. Hence the reference to "The Mark of the Beast". It is written that to not accept the mark is a "death sentence" because you cannot buy sell or trade without it. So with that in mind, are you prepared to starve to death for your faith?

2. What's with all the tremendous earthquakes lately? Does anybody else see the correlation here with end times prophesy?

3. This nation is ripe for the ungodly to completely take over. Mark my words -- our newest President-elect will turn this nation against Israel. The Bible says ALL nations will turn on Israel... not "some" nations, ALL.

4. How about the recent news about the earthquakes taking place under Yellowstone National Park? For those of you who do not know, there is a supervolcano under Yellowstone which is overdue to explode. If this thing goes off (which, by the way, looks more and more like that is going to soon happen), this country will literally be dead along with about 90% of its current population. And for you Jihad types: Don't get too happy about our sudden demise, as you will soon join us through the slow death of starvation.

5. Israel has the right to defend themselves! I believe that the thing that turns all nations on Israel will be a preemptive nuclear strike. The target will be in Iran.

6. This world is an ever-sickening place to be.

7. Evil has been released from its cage in order to complete the prophesies needed to bring on the end of the earth as we know it. I say praise God and thy will be done!

8. The battle has begun and woe to you who do not recognize it, as you are now surrounded!

9. The polar shift to take place December 21, 2012. The planets in our solar system align with the sun (as seen from our perspective) and also lines up with the center of our galaxy. What does that mean? Well, if you know your Bible you know that it talks about "signs and wonders" in the heavens being a precursor to the end.

10. If you are not a Christian and you worship some dead man or some other god, I have bad news for you: JESUS WINS!

God bless