Friday, January 30, 2009

Whom then shall I fear?

On Thursday morning, the 29th of January 2009, I was attacked in my sleep for the first time. I remember it very vividly. But I think the attack was on my spirit more than on my flesh or soul.

I was dreaming in a dream and awoke to being choked. I could breathe, but barely. I was being choked hard enough that I could not speak. I was trying to turn on my side but could not move much or enough to make any real difference in the amount of pressure being applied to my throat. I could not see what was attacking me, but knew nonetheless what it was. Through all this I never felt any weight on my chest, and at one point I was trying to move my arms but could only manage to move my forearms and hands. Struggling against this force was useless as I was way outmatched and taken by surprise.

Then I awoke out of the second dream. I was profusely sweating and gasping for air. I have not been praying for protection against such attacks. And I paid for it. I will not soon forget the lesson I have learned. I must say that now is not the time to slack off in our spiritual warfare. Evil forces are loosed on the Earth and the outpouring has gone from a trickle to a violent torrent. You would think that any demon worth its salt would not want you to know its around, as it could do more long-term damage that way. But as I said before, they have varying levels of intelligence. The one which attacked me was just a little overzealous. Stupid demon!

Praise be to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit! For they are the only ones I FEAR!!

God bless you all
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