Monday, February 2, 2009

Getting a demon out of a house: Part I

Recently, I have noticed an influx of web searches for "how to get a demon out of a house". As I have stated in previous posts, exorcising your home is a spiritually dangerous thing to do. If you are not a Christian and you attempt to remove a demon, you run a very high risk of being possessed by it. If you are a Christian, you need to know that getting a demon out of a house (or person) can be a very hard thing to do. The process can take many attempts to get it right before the demon will leave.

Here are a few guidelines as far as what you can expect to encounter during a house exorcism:

1. Maybe the most common feeling is the "creeped out" feeling. This is a good thing. That feeling lets you know there is a demon present. With experience, you can even tell how powerful it is by the intensity of the feeling.

2. Thoughts that are not of God, or out of place in your way of thinking. You will get thoughts like "this will not work", " I am not strong enough to do this", as well as other words too profane and/or blasphemous to repeat. Just remember, these are not your thoughts but the projected thoughts of the demon to make you stop. If this happens to you, it could mean the demon is nervous about leaving. But keep in mind this is not always the case and the demon or demons may just be attacking your faith with their most potent weapon---psychological warfare.

3. The demon may manifest as anything from a full-body apparition to a simple growl.

4. The demon can and will do things to you in the natural realm (as opposed to the spiritual realm). These can include scratching, biting, pushing, hair-pulling, punching and/or making you (or others) ill.

5. A demon can and will "lay down" making himself almost undetectable. If it seems to easy to get rid of it and you think its gone... I promise you it is not.

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