Sunday, February 22, 2009

I saw Angels today!!!!!!

Today, I was in praise and worship at church, feeling the presence of God in the room. I closed my eyes and just began to soak it all in while the worshiping continued. My eyes were only closed for about three seconds when there was a sudden bright flash. Probably a hundredth of a second later the first flash was followed by a second flash. Both flashes were a very brilliant white as if a camera flash had gone off a few feet in front of me.

I opened my eyes and turned to my girlfriend and asked her if someone was taking pictures a few seconds ago. She said that no one had taken any pictures which would have been unusual at our church anyway. Maybe another minute went by and I was reading the words on the projector screen following the words to the song, when two white lights appeared on the screen. These lights were moving vertically and opposite of each other in their direction of travel. I also noticed lights of a similar nature on the floor of the stage and on the wall on the left side of the stage.

Again I asked my girlfriend if she saw the lights on stage. She said she had not seen them. So now I am beginning to think I am crazy as I start to scan the sanctuary for the source of the light phenomena I had just witnessed. Then a minute or so later, while I am still looking around the room, my girlfriend sees the lights and I missed them.

About five minutes after I first saw the flashes of light through my eye lids, I remembered I had a camera in my coat. So I snapped one photo of the stage. This is the picture that was taken:

The same picture in negative:

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