Sunday, January 18, 2009

Drops of rain

As a drop of rain falls from the clouds over the ocean, it is an individual, a solo recital until it lands in the sea below and is absorbed into the anonymity of the vast ocean. The drop of rain then becomes part of the greater purpose of consolidation while it waits to be recycled to become rain once more.

The drop of rain is your God given spirit. The beginning of the fall from the clouds is your birth, as the drop falls through the air it is your life as you journey through the years. When the drop hits the sea it represents your death. But your spirit returns to where it was created, it is back to where it started, back where it wants to be and always was.

My belief is that you have three entities which make up the person you are:
1. The spirit
2. The soul or consciousness
3. The flesh

The soul and the flesh are so interdependent on each other it can be hard to distinguish between the two. The spirit is here to learn lessons and teach as well as observe.

As we go through life collecting sin in our bodies, we put a barrier between our spirit and our soul. What this does is muffle or make communication impossible between the spirit and the soul. The Bible says "Before you were, I knew you". This is a reference to your spirit being with God before it was given to you. Why then do you not have memories of Heaven? Because it was not your soul that was in Heaven already in existence. It was your spirit. Being born into sin has put us at a disadvantage as far as hearing our spirits cries as clear as we hear our own minds voice.

The closer your walk with Jesus, the less resistance there is for the spirit within you to teach you. That said, the spirit does not pay the consequence of sin. The spirit that is in you at this very moment belongs to God and therefore goes back (upon your death) to where it was created eons ago.

Upon your death the flesh rots away, returning to its carbon roots. But the soul? The soul is what goes to hell -- hell being the separation from God and the torment of having no hope for deliverance. God gave us free will which is a gift by which we are either cursed or blessed depending on our decisions in life. God does not bring calamity to us. We, through sin and poor decision-making, bring calamity upon ourselves and open the door for demons to infiltrate our lives as well as have the right to be in possession of our bodies and minds.
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