Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Do not be afraid unless you don't believe

We may not want prophecy to be fulfilled. We may want to turn a blind eye to it. I for one don't judge those who choose to live this way. The word says that we should be aware or at least a little bit alert to the times signifying HIS return. For we are instructed to look up, as our redemption will be seen coming on the clouds. When our redemption comes, there will only be two reactions in the people who are left alive here on earth.
1) Absolute terror. 2) Rejoicing.
The reaction you have at HIS coming will be contingent on whom you served during your life, PRIOR to this moment in time. We should fear the judgement of Jehovah. But we should not fear it in the same way as non believers.
Are we there yet? Nope! But with a small amount of research into current events combined with a knowledge of the prophecies of the bible. It becomes readily apparent we are approaching a scary time in history.
Our faith will be tested before that great day. But we needn't be apprehensive, for if we remain firm, if we trust in the Lord's will for our lives, we are assured salvation for eternity in paradise with Him! Amen!
There is a scene in the movie Gladiator in which Russell Crowe says "I think you've been afraid all your life".
The Lord has told us not to be afraid many many times in the bible.
Do not be afraid but rejoice! Iron sharpens Iron. Reach out to others who believe. Brothers and Sisters in Christ. We are to build each other up. Let us cast all fears aside and speak with boldness! Care for and love EVERYONE, even as Christ loves his executioners.
There are seven billion people on earth. Tell one of them about Jesus. Give them the opportunity to have hope. Even if they don't want to hear it. Especially if they don't want to hear it!
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