Thursday, May 28, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

I thought I had better give a quick update to those of you waiting for the results from the Salina, Kansas house cleansing.

The house was occupied by several demons and the short of it is: God dealt with them. But God is also telling us we have to go back because one of them is still there. We got lots of recordings of these demons speaking (EVP, or Electronic Voice Phenomenon), orb photos and at least one photo with what appears to be a demons face. I have still not gotten through all the data collected on this cleansing.

We have another house cleansing here in Wichita tomorrow night and then back to Salina for an emergency house cleansing on Saturday night.

The bottom line is that demons are in an all-out war with us at this time. They have increased the intensity of the attacks and no longer seem to be shy about manifesting right in front of you in one form or another.

This ministry is physically draining for us, so I would like to ask those of you loyal to Jesus Christ to please pray for our protection and strength to fulfill the work of our Lord God.

God bless you all,
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