Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Crushing defeat at the hands of Jeshua!

Iran's supreme leader predicts Israel's end in sharpest comments in years on Jewish state
TEHRAN, Iran — Iran's supreme leader predicted the destruction of Israel in comments posted on his Web site on Wednesday, in some of his strongest remarks in years about the Jewish state.
In the past, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has called Israel a "cancerous tumour" that must be wiped from the map, but the new comments mark the first time in years he has openly speculated about Israel's demise.
"Definitely, the day will come when nations of the region will witness the destruction of the Zionist regime," Khamenei was quoted as saying. "How soon or late (Israel's demise) will happen depends on how Islamic countries and Muslim nations approach the issue." He did not elaborate.
Khamenei, who made the comments during a meeting with the Mauritanian president on Tuesday, also accused Israel of trying to destroy the Palestinians "through continued pressure, blockades and genocide." He said the Jewish state will not succeed.
Khamenei's comments come as the world marks International Holocaust Remembrance Day on Wednesday, the 65th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi-run Auschwitz death camp.
Iran does not recognize Israel, and the two countries have been bitter enemies since Iran's Islamic Revolution in 1979, and current Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called for Israel's destruction.
Tehran is accused of supporting Lebanon's Shiite Muslim militant group, Hezbollah, which fought Israel until it withdrew it soldiers from southern Lebanon in 2000. Hezbollah continues to launch occasional attacks against Israeli troops in a disputed strip of land on Lebanon's southern border. Iran also backs Hamas, the Islamic militant group that controls the Gaza Strip.

My only hope is that the insidious political leaders of Iran are alive when Jesus crushes them without mercy!
If you are a Muslim reading this blog, Jesus is not "just a prophet", He is our Redeemer. You will not see the Kingdom of God through the prophet Mohamed. The only way to the Father is through Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Confess Jesus as your Redeemer and join Him as his child in heaven.

If you choose to stay under a false religion you will be blotted from the Book of Life.
God bless
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