Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Jihad for Jesus

Jihad for Jesus! It sounds wrong on alot of different levels. Here is the thing. Jesus Christ was not a militant in the natural. Jesus is a militant in the spirit realm. You as a Christian are a soldier for Jesus in the natural first and the spiritual second. Jesus when faced with death would not recount his profession of being the Son of God. Why? Because he knew the future of mankind was death without his influence on the world. If you stop and think about what the world would be like if there weren't millions of Christians practicing the commandment "You will not kill"
This is not to say that Christians have not had a major part in their own demise. I am a deeply faithful Christian man, yet I still have to give my anger to God. Such things as Abortion, child molestation, child murder, persecution of Christians, rape and many others, make me angry enough at the perpetrators of these acts to forget ( although temporary ) all about " thou shall not kill.". My anger is righteous, my anger is justified. Thank God almighty I am a follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ!
Because if I were not, and I had the same moral value stamped on my spirit. I would most definitely be dead or in prison! I would have the same method of operation as the fundamentalist Islamic radical does. It is said "one mans terrorist is another mans hero". This can be applied to every act of terrorism ever perpetrated against mankind. Sometimes an act of terrorism in these times, becomes an accepted and condoned part of warfare in later years.

Example; During the American revolution the English thought the Americans to be savage and ungentlemanly like, because the Americans saw warfare in a different way than the English. The American commanders used tactics learned from the Native Americans. While the English still tried to fight as gentlemen. The end result we all know, and if the word terrorist would have been in use in the late 1700s, This country would have been known for its terrorist tactics, instead of being the home of the brave. This country, which I fought for in the Army ( 1988-1992 ) owes its very existence to the terrorism inflicted on its enemies. Whether foreign or domestic we have used terrorism in some of the most brutally un-Christian ways.

This brings me back to the fundamental subject of this writing. Jesus!! Jesus would not then tolerate nor does he now tolerate the taking of the life of another. Not even to save himself from certain pain on death. As a Christian I am supposed to take up my cross and follow Jesus. Jesus Christ never did anything that he could have been labeled a terrorist for, nor will I. I will pray for my enemies as I was directed to do. And I will love everyone as I was directed to do. And when my time comes to deny Jesus to save my life! On that day I will die! And I will be happy about it, because in that, is my Jihad for Jesus
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