Friday, March 27, 2009

Initial Contact

Recently God revealed to me my first contact with a demon in the natural. It was years ago and I always wondered what it was my friend and I had encountered that night. So here is what happened:

September, 1988. Me and my friend Gregg were long-time friends. We had joined the Army on the buddy system. So with the prospect of basic training on our minds, we decided to go camping, fishing and just relax. We had just graduated high school a few months prior and were due to report for basic training the next month.

The spot we chose to set up camp was in an area we locals call the Big Ditch. It is a flood control system which diverts excess water from the Big and Little Arkansas rivers. It is flanked on both sides with thirty-foot-high earthen dikes. This system skirts the city and reconnects on the southeast side of the city, making the Arkansas river. This was the spot we chose, mainly because it was close, was wooded, and was a great place to fish.
After a hard day of walking , setting up camp and fishing (to no avail), we got hungry and decided to walk into a nearby part of Wichita for food. We took a two flashlights and headed out into the darkness. We decided to make our trek on top of the dike, as the grass was knee-high and made it difficult at best to see debris deposited from previous floods. As we were walking and talking we would have to stop every thirty seconds or so as we kept running into skunks. We would not see them in the tall grass until we were literally at point-blank range for the skunks. The thought of being sprayed by a skunk had us using all of our senses and on high alert.

As we were slowly making our way to town we heard footfalls in the woods to our right. The wood line was about sixty to seventy yards from us. We just kinda ignored the sound coming from the woods until we noticed that whatever it was making the footfalls in the woods was paralleling us. It made us feel as though we were being stalked. When we would stop to get a better listen at it, it would stop. We shined our flashlights at the woods in the area where we thought it should be, but nothing. I don't remember why, but I was about ten feet behind Gregg. We had stopped and were shining our flashlights on the woods yet again.

All of a sudden, the grass at the wood line started to part, right where we both had our flashlights trained, like something was moving through it and it was coming right at us... it continued quickly through the grass, splitting it apart as it went. As the grass parted, we got the sense of a violent and very deliberate charge. The grass parted from the wood line sixty to seventy yards away and up the thirty foot dike to Gregg's feet, turned around and retreated about half way back down the dike where it stopped... in under one second. I know it was under a second because we had no time to react to it moving towards us. It was surreal and completely foreign to us. So we did what two eighteen-year-old tough guys should have done-- WE RAN!
I had not thought of that event in my life in quite some time. Then all of a sudden I had a memory of it and God told me it was a demon. I always wondered why we couldn't smell the skunks that night. We could not smell them over the demon I suppose! My initial contact was scary then, but looking back I think its pretty cool.

God bless you all,
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