Thursday, March 19, 2009

Is Anybody Else Seeing This?

I have noticed more activity in the spirit realm lately. Angels at church, demons at night. I pray for protection every night now, but the enemy just seems to step up the intensity. I recently moved to a new location in Wichita. I don't know if it's the area or just a step-up in demonic activity. All I know now is that the activity is affecting those I love in little ways. Left unchecked, these little ways can snowball into all kinds of problems.

Its like checking the oil in your car to find it a quart low and choosing to fill it days later. Sure, the car will run fine until you get the time to fill it properly. But there is damage being done to parts you can't see. It's time for me to check my oil... in the car as well.

Its easy to forget that they are ALWAYS watching you when you don't see them as much.
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