Saturday, November 29, 2008


Well its seems I have been blocked from " The Real Exorcist" site. I can not even communicate with other members. I was not warned that I may have opinions that don't appeal to others or may offend others. But I tell you this. I am withdrawing my membership from this site. I will not be silenced by anyone but God. Oops,did you catch that. I actually typed the word God, I did not type it G*d. You know why I typed out the word God. Because God is not a shallow being as we are. He does not care if you type his name or not!

For men of God to have unforgiveness in their hearts over something so petty as what a Man says, to me is fundamentally wrong! Back to the basics Reverend! You have issues with Pride, Unforgiveness, close mindedness and the basic overall message of Jesus Christ. " Love one another". There is something inside your comments that shows it self to be bitter and one tracked. God is so much deeper than anything that is written in the Bible or than we as humans can understand. Trying to understand God beyond what is written in the Bible is a beautiful journey in its self. One which I fear many people will fail to pursue, because of Church ( mans ) doctrine.
My relationship with my Lord is personal, but I choose to share what I have learned. When Jesus Christ taught outside the then accepted temple laws and doctrine, he was murdered for it. I guess I got off easy.

And for all of you who read this blog! Open your minds and your hearts to the greater works that can be achieved through God and Jesus. Step out of what you call reality and into the realm of spirits where the most Holy resides. In that realm there are No Baptist, Methodist, Catholics, or Lutherans. Nope, only those who followed the teachings of Jesus are there. Matthew 10, 38 " And anyone who does not take his cross and follow me is not worthy of me". And the people said AMEN!!!!!!!
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