Sunday, November 2, 2008

A child among us

Last night, God won another battle. No real surprise there. But during praise and worship, a senior member of the team received a terrible vision.

The vision was of a little girl. The little girl was scared and wanted to be picked up by the person who was having the vision. The vision went on to reveal this little girl had been repeatedly raped in the room we were standing in, and that she would hide in the closet. This girl was in the spirit, not in the body.

This team member was visibly shaken by the experience. She will also be writing about it later today, but until then, I will refer to her as "she". God told her to pray for bondage to be lifted from the room and that "strong man" ties be broken. When she prayed these things, the little girls' spirit left the room.

This experience has left me pondering an old question or two I have had for quite some time. #1. Can a Christians' spirit be earth-bound or held against its will by something other than God? #2. Can we, as instruments of God, break those binding mechanisms? #3 If #1 and #2 are in fact real things that can happen and not deception, how much deeper does this go? It should be noted that when we take photographs of the rooms after an exorcism, there are usually spirit orbs still present.

My belief is this: A spirit orb is the spirit of a person who once lived. When they were in a body they had the God-given "free will". Free will is given to the spirit and not to the body. Therefore the gift of free will does not die with the body, but carries on with the spirit. Maybe there is a fear of going to be judged by God. I fear the IRS, so to me it would make sense to fear the judgment of the almighty God.

When you are judged, there are four words you don't want to hear: "I never knew you". Make sure the works you do on earth are such that you are not the recipient of those words.
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