Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mysterious God.

My joy comes from doing the work of the Lord. I believe that Jesus Christ is the risen Savior and I agree and come into alignment with the Word as written in the Bible. But, there are things that are unknown to the majority of Christians that God has made me privy to and in that my ministry was born.

I walk in the supernatural. Seeing, hearing, tasting and smell the realm of the unknown. Some would say that my giftings are a curse and there have been times in my walk with the Lord where I would have agreed to that. But, now, through long suffering and growth, I see that the Lord has gifted me in this way for a time such as this. And this is the end of an age.

Last night, my team, went to a house to clean it of spirits. We had already walked through the house and found that the were spirits and that two rooms were especially problematic. So, we started in the room that we perceived as the worst.

We started with worship and while in worship I noticed that, with my eyes shut, the darkness was intense. I opened up my eyes and I could see, as if, looking through an xray. I repeated, a few times, opening and closing my eyes. I felt the wall where this darkness was closing in and felt a panic come over me. It was then when I noticed a small child in the corner.

The little girl look about 5 of 6 years of age. She was frightened and ragged looking. The worship music continued as I watched this child. I started to ask God what was happening. I beg to God for revelation and that He would lead me to understanding.


I walked aways from the child and was lead to walk into a closet. There in the closet was the child again. She was hiding in the closet. But, hiding from whom. I walked back out and leaned up against a wall. I began to meditate on the situation and went into a vision. I was in the room but the room was full of violence. Chaos everywhere. I could see the child and an adult. He was beating her, throwing her around the room and raping her. Over and over again I saw the trauma to the child.

I began to feel ill and slipped down the wall to a sitting position. I came out of the vision and saw the girl come crawling out of the closet. She was headed straight for me, wanting me to pick her up. I was not going to have any part of that because I was not yet sure if I was under deception from Satan or if God was teaching me a new thing.

I have been under deception before. Evil can lead me off into rabbit trial and it takes much longer for me to get to the real problem. I have learned to not trust all you see and to wait on the Lord for clarity.

So, I got up from the child and whispered to my husband what was going on. Another on my team overheard me and began to take pictures. I appreciate these pictures but, at the moment was not able to really comprehend what he was showing me. I was wanting the truth.


I spoke to others and prayer went up to God. Finally, I heard from God. I do not, still, understand in fullness what happened last night. But, God told me to pray for release from bondage, to brake the ties to the strongman in the heavenlies and to pray freedom. So, I did. I prayed loud and with authority. As I did, I saw the little girl leave and go to the Father.

Precious is the moment when you see your Father's hand on the world. When His mercies grow into the heart of man. I know what I saw and I know what God said to me, but do I understand in my limited mind. NO!!! But, I celebrate the love of my God.
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