Monday, November 3, 2008


One of the definitions of reconcile is "to bring oneself to accept". Reconciliation is a personal journey by its definition. I am reconciled when it comes to things I do not understand. To me, I must accept what I see as real, although I do not always understand it. I think that for myself, if I did not accept the things I see and feel. I would have to be committed. I was raised in a atmosphere where if you wanted to be a Christian, Buddhist, Satanist, whatever you wanted to follow was your choice. I did not come up in any specific church. Therefore I was not subjected to the doctrines written by man. I do not have anything telling me ( no that cant be right ). To me, if it is written in the Holy Bible it is truth. There is no argument with my spirit when it comes to the Bible. So on that note lets get the facts. In the Holy Bible the word ghost is used one hundred and nine times. Ninety one of those times being in direct reference to the Holy Ghost. Eighteen of those times the word ghost is used in reference to someone usually giving it up. My favorite is Luke 24:39. Jesus even goes so far as to give us the physical make up of a ghost. Let us go further into this study and look at one of the definitions of "spirit". "A supernatural being, such as a ghost". The word spirit is used five hundred and two times. For those of you not keeping score, we are up to six hundred and eleven references to a spirit or ghost. If you add to this the word "spirits", you get forty six more references. Which by the way brings our total number of references to ghosts, spirits, and spirit to six hundred and fifty seven. That averages out a little better than one ghost reference every other page of the Bible. I am under the impression that to not see a ghost, in those days would have been more uncommon than seeing or feeling one. Jesus made distinctions between unclean spirits and spirits. With me the discernment as to the spirits master is more readily felt in this way. My skin will feel like it is crawling and I will get an almost immediate headache. I doubt Jesus was affected in this way. I am sure he just knew, because he walked fully in both our realm and in the realm of spirits at the same time all the time. God bless you all!
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