Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tempting Demons?

Hello to all,

I was just relayed a story about a man who confronted a demon or demons out of ignorance. Apparently some people here in Wichita were having a get together at a house. The owner of the house has been seeing demons all his life. So the owner was apparently telling a friend of his about seeing demons all his life and that there were demons in the house. The house owners friend went in to the bathroom and confronted the demons! The end result was, the man who confronted the demons was possessed. His skin went white and he was not breathing well. A Christian, who was present for all of this prayed over the now possessed and enlightened man. The possession stopped. When the man awoke from his stupor, he claimed to have been in Hell during his ordeal.
Whats the morel of the story?
DONT MESS WITH DEMONS!!!! They have only one mission in their existence, that is to kill you! A demons boss does not accept defeat. Therefore the demons are unrelenting in their assignments to you.
If you read this blog, and you think you have a problem. Get help first! Do not attempt to rid yourself or your house of them with out some kind of professional advice or actual help. Anything can be accomplished in the name of Jesus Christ! But it takes great faith. Remember the parable of Jesus walking on the water? Peter asked Jesus to "tell me to come to you on the water", Jesus answered "come". The wind picked up greatly and caused Peter to doubt, just enough to start to sink.
It is the same thing when confronting a demon! You cannot be shaken in your belief that Jesus can do all things! Amen!!

God bless you all!

Happy Thanksgiving! Don't forget to thank our Lord for our continuing freedom to worship him with out the fear of death. And pray for those who risk death every day, only to worship our Father.
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